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How Digital Marketing Is The Key To This ‘New Normal’?

Covid-19 has enormously affected public health and the economy. It has been more than six months now, people all suffering from such a phase which nobody ever expected. People are more scared about economically surviving than from this virus. The pandemic has hard to hit the economy all over the world, especially small and medium-size businesses. It has affected them so adversely that many of the small businesses are unable to find a scope to even sustain.

But as we have always heard, when there is a problem, there is definitely a solution to it. This time again, technology is playing an important role and is the only ray of hope to every business. Technology has now replaced the urge of a personal face-to-face meeting. One can even experience the product/ service seamlessly with the AR/ VR technology.

As a business consultant in Kolkata and the co-founder of PromotEdge, an integrated digital marketing agency, I have witnessed a spike in the demand for our services. Every company is adapting themselves to digital marketing and trust me, having a functional website is just the introduction, there are a lot more stuffs which digital marketing can do for your business. It is no more about being present in the digital space but being active.

With the increase in demand for digital marketing services, there is an extensive increase in the supply of resources too. But the problem is people are learning and selling tools and or technology. They fail to understand that digital marketing is more about marketing and less about digital. A digital marketer needs to understand the client’s business, product/ service, brand persona, stakeholders (including customers, employees, owners and the public), and to greet/ meet/ understand/ address the concern. It is about engaging with people to the utmost level. It is more about listening and then saying.

One can easily grow (or help his client grow) and be successful by rightly understanding & implementing digital marketing in their business. It is an inexpensive and highly effective in finding out the right and relevant audience and addressing their concerns accurately.


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