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An entrepreneur is a person who has the ability and is ready for developing or organizing and running a business. Additionally, someone who is prepared for all the uncertainties that come in the way of making a profit. But as per my long experience I have realized that running entrepreneurship might not be easy. There are different branches of businesses, especially in modern times. The advancing technology is carrying people abroad, only if they plan to play smart.


What is the Type of Your Business?

A business entrepreneur can run four types of entrepreneurship. Let us find out your business falls in which category.


1. Scalable Entrepreneurship Startup

The start-up entrepreneur has foreseen their success of the idea they have in store for the market. They find the right assistance and investors who encourage new ideas that are unique. This centres around scaling the business with experimental models. They need venture capitalists and consultants for guiding them on the right path.


2. Small Business Entrepreneurship

The business that falls under this category is travel agent, hairdresser, carpenter, electrician, books shops, etc. This type of business is taken care of single-handedly with someone from the family or local employee. They have a scope of growing through local business by channelling out on different social and online platforms.


3. Social Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur in this business centres their business around products and services that cater to social requirements and problems. These companies are non-profit making agencies who only choose to serve societal needs.


4. Medium-Sized Entrepreneurship

A medium-sized company has gained market experience and they tend to keep up with the modern advancements so for offering their customers the latest products that comply with their requirements. These companies are built focusing on the products and services, that are dedicatedly modifying over time.


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