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Marketing Strategist

A marketing strategist is referred to the person who formulates the game plan to reach out to potential customers and turning them into loyal buyers. As a marketing strategy consultant, I will uphold the value propositions of a company such as its branding, analysis of the behaviour of the target audience among other higher marketing concepts.


Being a marketing strategy consultant, how can I help your business?

A company truly finds its direction through a marketing strategist. The real aim of a company is to attract customers by complying with their needs. As a marketing strategist, I will –



I will conduct in-depth market research to identify the forthcoming opportunities and consumer preferences for building successful campaigns.


Set Goals

Set certain goals for a given time frame which is necessary for keeping the overall performance check.


Virtual Traffic

PromotEdge, a digital marketing agency that I co-founded a few years back will help to create and maintain online or digital campaigns that boost web traffic retention.


Marketing Outputs

PromotEdge will track and measure the marketing results that include various marketing activities such as sales, leads, general response, ROI, and retention.


What’s New?

As a marketing strategist, I will also forecast the on-going marketing trends. Similarly, I and my team at PromotEdge will research the market for identifying new opportunities by –


Brainstorming Ideas

Generating innovative thoughts for promoting the brand and its products.


Business use case development

New business use cases must be developed for supporting the new strategies of marketing, projects, budget requests, along with  marketing plans.

Further, customer feedbacks will be noted as important points that will help in transforming your company into a customer-centric arena.


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