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eCommerce Business Consultant

Many businesses take a big fall when they do not get the right platform or is not updated with the changing needs of the customers. Businesses like these can take help from an expert. The eCommerce business consultant will bridge the consumer niche to business expertise of the products along with other tasks in an eCommerce. As an eCommerce consultant and marketing strategist, I will assist businesses in acquiring more sales in eCommerce by producing effective strategies and designing digital campaigns with my team at PromotEdge.


Being an eCommerce business consultant, how can I help you?


Launching an initiative

I will provide effective eCommerce consultation which will help in defining goals, tactics for entering specific mediums, such as pay-per-click, SEO, etc., and KPIs or Key Performance Indicators of the business.


Optimization of Digital Channels

Being a marketing strategist and also the co-founder of a digital marketing agency, I and my team at PromotEdge would look through the results of social and digital channels for ensuring maximum engagement and conversion. We will also help you in developing a better and more effective eCommerce website.


Testing marketing campaigns

In testing marketing campaigns, I would keep a check on both the campaigns in terms of marketing and the business website.


Boosting eCommerce user experience

Taking the customer feedback into making the changes required as the needs of the customers change.


Product selection

I will craft a thorough advice on the product or niche selection for the eCommerce business in catering the customers with the right products at the right time.


Large strategic issues

I will also execute several other duties such as finding out how to retain customers, the right marketing mix, among other such actions.


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